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FRIDAYS 5:00pm to 8pm.

Would you like to have an evening to just chill and enjoy: a meal cooked by someone other than yourself, a movie or just a trip to the mall? Is there someone special you would love to do something with but can never find the time? This is your chance! We open our studio on Friday Eve’s to welcome the children of those parents who need three hours to just enjoy life as adults and not have to worry about the kids.
They will have a blast doing art while you have fun with your friends, your significant other or just by yourself. Pizza and juice will be provided. Cost: $75 per session per child (180 min.)

On Fridays, from 5pm to 8pm, your kids will have lots of fun creating art at their own pace. They will choose what materials they want to use, what technique to apply and what to create. It’s all up to them and what their muse guides them to do. We have wooden objects to paint like bird houses; clay to mold objects; tempera and acrylic paints to be used with brushes, straws, and squirt guns and lots more. Let us spoil you for a few hours so you can recharge your batteries!


Anybody can come and experiment at the studio. You are welcome to create your own group of friends and family members and schedule a time for you guys. An hour and a half will give you the opportunity to explore materials and techniques to be able to decide what you like. No clean-up will be necessary since all we want is for you to have fun. $45 per person. Media to choose from: ceramic clay, air dry clay, acrylic/water color, collage, paper mache.


We welcome birthday celebrations, baby showers, girls and/or boys night out, etc. You tell us what you need and we will provide our share. If you want to celebrate a baby shower, we will provide the baby clothes and the paints for you to create unique clothes for him or her. If you want to celebrate your 30th birthday by enjoying art with friends, we are here to help. If you just want a quiet hour and a half of just creating, that’s what we are here for. Let us know what you need by writing to us at: [email protected]


Is there any type of art you would love to try but can’t do it at home because it is too messy? Like for example, have you ever played with terracotta clay? You would love the feeling of playing with mud. It is so much fun! and messy too! so don’t try it at home! That’s what our Holistic Atelier is for. Come to explore and experiment art with us. The best part is: you don’t have to clean up! You will love the experience, I guarantee it! If you want a specific night, email us at [email protected] so we can arrange that special night for you. If you choose Fridays, the event will start at 9pm. Cost: $45 per person. You bring whatever you want to eat and drink.